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THE NEPONSET RESERVOIR COMPANY was incorporated on February 18, 1845 “for the purpose of constructing and maintaining a reservoir by the erection of a dam across the Neponset River.”  It was formed by a group of companies that ran mills along the Neponset River.  They cut down trees in five cedar swamps and flooded the swamps to form the Reservoir (a reservoir to store water for industrial use in the Mills down stream rather than drinking water supply).  They built the dam that is standing today and dredged the area around the dam. 

By the 1920s, the Reservoir began a rich history of recreation over 50 years, supporting two marinas, a water skiing club, and a Boy Scout camp.  There are currently over 90 acres of conservation land on the western part of the Reservoir (the Lane Property) with trail access from the North, Messinger, Munroe, Chestnut, and Payson roadways.  There is also a small public park – Kersey Point – at the end of Kersey Road.  The Reservoir is habitat to a wide variety of wildlife, including swans, ducks, mergansers, geese, herons, cranes, turtles, beavers, muskrats, and various species of fish.  Sightings of eagles and loons have also been reported.



Living by the water brings with it the necessity to be good stewards of the resource.  Issues such as buffer zones, protecting the water from chemicals, fertilizers and herbicides​, and protecting wildlife are all important topics that serve to maintain the natural balance of the aquatic ecosystem of our lake.  Below are informational links to these topics taken from Foxborough Conservation Commissions website.


     Lake issues and Management 

     Living By The Water

     A Shoreline Primer

     DCR Aquatic Invasive Plant Guide

     A Dock Primer





The Neponset Reservoir offers many recreational activities during all seasons of the year.  Boating, kayaking and fishing are the predominant activities that take place.  The lake enjoys an annual Fishing Tournament and is considered by many to be one of the best lakes to kayak due to the many small coves and inlets to explore as well as the wildlife in abundance.


Below are links to information regarding various activities.  

     DCR Boating Brochure

     Kayaking on Neponset Reservoir



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